Receipt - Minimal Portfolio Template


Discover a Receipt - Minimal Portfolio Framer template designed to elevate your portfolio to new heights in the digital realm. Inspired by the allure of a traditional receipt, this template offers outstanding user experience, blending creativity with functionality.


Unleash the full potential of your minimal portfolio with this versatile toolkit that allows effortless customization to suit your unique needs. With five meticulously crafted pages at your disposal, you can showcase your work with style and professionalism:

  1. Portfolio Page

    • Experience the power of choice with three distinct versions of project previews: text, icon, and image.

  2. Invoice Page

    • Streamline your invoicing process with a dedicated page that exudes professionalism and efficiency.

  3. Linktree Page

    • Display your online presence by consolidating multiple links into a single, user-friendly page.

  4. Project Page (CMS)

    • Seamlessly manage and present your projects using an intuitive content management system.

  5. Resume Page

    • Impress potential clients or employers with a meticulously designed and informative resume page.

This Framer template is fully responsive, ensuring an optimal viewing experience across all devices. This template also support Light and Black theme.

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