Singular - Sleek Design Portfolio


Meet Singular, the sleek portfolio template that seamlessly integrates 5 distinct pages and 3 dynamic CMS collections into a single, streamlined feed-like design.


Here's a closer look at the primary pages:

  1. Home Page: Your visual hub, featuring your photos with descriptive captions, showcasing your top projects, featured blog posts, enticing store items, and a convenient newsletter subscription.

  2. Project Page: Delve into your portfolio in depth, presenting featured projects, direct project links, and prominent store product displays.

  3. Blog Page: Share your insights through a dedicated space for featured blog posts, easy-to-navigate blog links, and a user-friendly newsletter subscription option.

  4. About Me Page: Infuse a personal touch with an engaging photo gallery, comprehensive descriptions, an overview of your experiences, a showcase of your skills, details of your technology stack, and a list of your preferred books.

  5. Services Page: Explore two design service plans and reach out via a user-friendly contact form for a seamless experience.

Our CMS-driven pages include:

  1. Blog Management: Effortlessly oversee your blog posts through our CMS-powered blog page.

  2. Storefront: Showcase your products with images, detailed descriptions, and direct purchase links, all conveniently managed through our user-friendly CMS.

  3. Project Management: Seamlessly update and showcase your projects using our CMS-powered project page, ensuring your portfolio remains current and engaging.

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